Democratic National Convention – July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons hosts a DNC watch party on Thursday, July 28th at 7:00pm. Watch the grand finale on our Jumbotron. Bring your own chair/blanket and enjoy special dishes and discounts outside while you watch from Crabby’s Café, Gunners Run and Wahlburgers Food Truck. Bar Ferdinand, across the street   at Liberties Walk, will also offer special deals and dishes as well.   #DNCDeals

In honor of the DNC, Bar Ferdinand will be offer daily food specials, cocktails plus a selection of City Wides (because what is more Philadelphian than a “City Wide”). Each city wide will be served with a Kenzinger and in keeping with the democratic theme guests will have a choice of their shot. Each shot has been appropriately named after whatever the namesake democratic president historically enjoyed drinking.

City Wide Specials – $8.00
James Buchanan: Kenzinger + Amontillado Sherry
Andrew Jackson: Kenzinger + Whiskey
James K. Polk: Kenzinger + Brandy
Lyndon B. Johnson: Kenzinger + Scotch

They also be offering a selection of classic cocktails that, again, each namesake Democratic President historically enjoyed drinking:

FDR Mint Julep – $11
Harry Truman Old Fashioned – $12.00
JFK Classic Daiquiri – $11.00
Franklin Pierce (Historically the Drunkest President) Manhattan – $13.00

Food Specials: To be announced daily

Crabby’s Cafe DNC Specials:
$3 Budlight Drafts
$6 Happy Crabs Cocktail (their secret drink)

Gunners Run DNC Specials:
All Drinks are $10

The Hillary: Tequila, sour mix and a splash of lime served in a fishbowl topped with a can of Hell or High Watermelon beer.

The PHILLY Donkey: Stateside vodka and Ginger Beer

Feel the Bern: Tequila, Tabasco and s splash of Mama Walkers Maple Bacon liquor for that Vermont Flavor

The Barack Obama: Ciroc with lemonade and a splash of Chambord

Wahlburgers Food Truck DNC Special

$11 DNC Burger Combo: 1/3 lb beef burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, “government” cheese, Paul’s signature Wahl Sauce, housemade pickles