Pickledelphia: Pickle Festival

October 14, 2018 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Yes, you read that right a Pickle🥒Festival right here in Philadelphia!

The Festival is currently seeking sponsors partners & vendors. Inquiries please email👉> ilikepickles@digitalforceagency.com

Passionate Pickle Fans can expect to see:

🥒The Great “Philly” Fried Pickle debate
🥒Pickle vendors
🥒Pickle eating contest
🥒Pickle inspired foods
🥒Pickle infused Drinks (Pickle Back Shots)
🥒The “Philly” Pickle
🥒Live entertainment

and more …..

Is it kind of a BIG dill!

Pickledelphia is Philadelphia’s first large-scale pickle festival. Of course, there will be everything pickle products from fried pickles, pickles on a stick, pickle chips, pickle ice cream, pickle brine fried chicken and many more pickled delights. But it’s not just about pickled foods. No celebration would be complete without LIVE music, themed cocktail bars plus interactive pickle events throughout the festival. Local cover bands will be rocking the stage playing everyone’s favorite top 40 singalongs in addition to modern country music hits. There will be a large-scale pickle eating contest with America’s top competitive eaters. 21 plus festival attendees will be able to enjoy a Craft Beer Garden with a top selection of craft beers and specialty cocktails on tap. In addition, there will exclusive custom pickle memorabilia on hand to satisfy the curiosity of any pickle lover. Pickledelphia is the quintessential Philadelphia “fun” festival built for pickle enthusiasts of all walks of life.